Unified Storage that Scales Up or Out

Integrated Apps, Linux Containers, & VMs.
Deploy on any Hardware, VM, or Cloud.
Enterprise Appliance Support.

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TrueNAS SCALE Overview

Open Storage that Scales

Open Storage that Scales

TrueNAS® SCALE is an Open Source Infrastructure solution. In addition to powerful scale-out storage capabilities, SCALE adds Linux Containers and VMs (KVM) so your organization can run workloads closer to data.

Scale-Up or Scale-Out with Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

OpenZFS with its excellent data management capabilities is the basis for all deployments. Scale-up by adding drives, or deploy scale-out object storage by adding multiple systems to a cluster. Deploy a single host in your home/office, or group nodes together for a highly scalable and highly available software-defined infrastructure.

Go Beyond Storage

TrueNAS SCALE provides simple access to the well-established Linux container ecosystem and makes application deployment easy. With support for KVM virtual machines, Kubernetes, and Docker containers, it’s easy to customize and add applications to suit a wide variety of needs.

Built on Open Source

TrueNAS SCALE is Open Source, based on Debian Linux, and free to download and use. With hundreds of thousands of testers and contributors, the TrueNAS community development model enables broader testing, and ultimately, a higher quality product, in addition to its unbeaten value. Join the “Storage Freedom” movement and enjoy the benefits of Open Source economics.

TrueCommand UI Monitor

Manage Storage Clusters and Fleets

Cluster many systems together with SCALE and manage them all with TrueCommand. TrueCommand makes it easy to monitor and administer all of your systems from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

TrueNAS SCALE Features

TrueNAS SCALE "Dragonfish" 24.04

Multi-System Management TrueCommand, RBAC, Auditing, Single Sign-on, Cloud Alerting, Reporting, Analytics TrueCommand 3.0 SCALE UI Improved Statistics
Administration Web UI, SNMP, Syslog, Reporting, CLI REST API, WebSockets API, Audit Logging vCenter Plugin (E), API ACLs, Restricted Admins
System Utilities Tasks, Cron Jobs, Scripts, In-Service Updates Alerting, Email, Debugs, SMB/NFS Session Management Proactive Monitoring (E) SMB Activity Audits
Clients and Applications Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, iOS, Android Clients Many applications via SMB, NFS, iSCSI, or S3 client Integrated Applications via ZFS and Containers/VMs
Application Services Apps (Helm Charts), Docker Containers, Kubernetes, New Apps UI and Catalogs, GPU sharing VMs: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, PCIe pass-through, Community Supported Sandboxes Apps: OverlayFS, Alder Lake GPU, GeForce 40xx GPUs, Bulk App Updates VMs: USB pass-through, CPU Pinning
Directory Services Active Directory, Google 2FA Local users and groups LDAP, Kerberos
Storage Services File: SMB 2/3, NFSv3/v4, rsync, Multi-protocol shares with SMB and NFSv4, SMB Multi-channel, NFSv4.1 Block: iSCSI, VAAI Object: Distributed Minio, Cloud Sync, Credentials Data Ingest over SMB SMB Share proxy, OpenStack Cinder, SMB Data Migration CSI (iSCSI, Gluster, SMB, NFS)
Data Management Unlimited Snapshots, Pool Checkpoints, Space-efficient Clones Replication: Remote, Local, Auto-resume, to any OpenZFS endpoint Improved Storage UI Improved Share Creation Forms
Data Protection Accelerated Copy-on-Write, 2-Copy Metadata, iX-Storj Globally Distributed Storage Built-in RAID: Single/Dual/Triple Parity, Mirrors, dRAID, Fast Resilvering, Fast Boot Self-healing Checksums, Background Scrubbing
Data Reduction Thin Provisioning, Fast File Cloning (SMB/NFS) In-line Compression ZFS Clones, Deduplication, SSD TRIM/UNMAP
Data Acceleration All Flash, Fusion Pools, Metadata on Flash Improved Prefetch Read Cache (ARC/L2ARC): RAM / Flash Write Cache (SLOG/ZIL): Flash, HA NVDIMM (E), Dual Port SAS/NVMe (E)
Networking Full IPv4 and IPv6 LAGG, LACP, VLANs, Interface Bridging Jumbo Frames, TCP options
Data Security Self-Encrypted Drives (TCG Opal), Dataset Encryption Encrypted replication, WireGuard, OpenVPN ACLs, IP Filtering, KMIP (E), FIPS 140-2 Validated Encryption (E)
Foundation Debian, Boot Management, SSH, Container Kubernetes, KVM System Logging, Time Synchronization
High Availability Fast ZFS Replication 10 - 100 GbE Clustering, LAGG and/or LACP Dual Controller High-Availability (E) - Fast Failover
Hardware Management IPMI Remote Management, Visual Enclosure Management (X) SAS JBODs, Global Spares SMART, SSD Wear Monitoring
Hardware Platforms Any x86-64 System Mini X+/XL+, R-Series, H-Series X-Series, M-Series, F-Series
Support Community Support - Forums, Documentation, Release Notes, Bug Ticketing
  • (E) Indicates that an Enterprise license is required
  • (X) Indicates that iXsystems hardware is required


TrueNAS SCALE Datasheet