Software Status

TrueNAS has several Editions: CORE, Enterprise, and SCALE. To choose the right Edition, refer to the Editions Comparison overview. Keep in mind that both CORE & Enterprise 13.0 users can migrate to SCALE if and when they want to take advantage of its unique features.

Once the right edition is selected, new and existing TrueNAS users must then decide which version is most appropriate and when to update.

TrueNAS can be used in many ways, and choosing which version of TrueNAS to use is often a tradeoff between the desire for new features and the need to reduce operational risk for given use cases. Whether you are a developer, an early adopter, a mission-critical user, or somewhere in between, the recommendations in the table below are updated regularly and can help you choose which version is best for you at any point in time.

User Type
Developer 13.3 Nightly N/A Electric Eel Nightly
Tester 13.3-BETA2 13.0-U6.1
Early Adopter 13.0-U6.1 13.0-U6.1
General 13.0-U6.1 13.0-U6.1
Conservative 13.0-U6.1 13.0-U6.1 23.10.2
Mission Critical N/A 13.0-U6.1   N/A

Recommendations are based on User Type and their expectations for software quality. Each user gets to decide on whether they want the latest features, the highest maturity, or something in between.


User Type Expectations
Developer Latest software with new features and bugs alike.  There is an opportunity to contribute directly to the
development process.
Tester New software with recent features. Some bugs are expected and  there is a willingness to provide bug
reports and feedback to the developers.
Early Adopter Released software with new features. Data is protected, but some issues may need workarounds or
General Field tested software with mature features. Few issues are expected.
Conservative Mature software with well documented limitations. Software updates are infrequent.
Mission Critical Mature software that enables 24 x 7 operations with high availability for a very clearly defined use
case. Software updates are very infrequent and based on need.


In all cases for systems with a TrueNAS support contract from iX, we recommend contacting iX Support prior to updating to the latest 13.0 version or migrating to TrueNAS SCALE. Our Support team can provide advice based on your unique requirements and be there to help you resolve any unexpected issues.

We recommend that you bookmark this page, and/or refer back to it anytime you consider upgrading TrueNAS to monitor the latest release statuses. You can expect that the latest version of software may be recommended for general use but will not be recommended for conservative or mission critical environments until a few weeks or months post-release once it has received further testing in more complex environments.