TrueNAS SCALETrueCommand Nightly Development Documentation
This content follows experimental early release software. Use the Product and Version selectors above to view content specific to a stable software release.

System Inventory

The System Inventory screen lists all systems TrueCommand manages. Each system includes the name given to it, product type, license and expiration date, and an option to copy the TrueNAS system serial number to the clipboard.

Click on a system to see three tabs:

To access the System Inventory screen, click the gear icon, then click System Inventory.


System Inventory System Tab

The System tab provides information on the system manufacturer, TrueNAS serial numbers of the controller(s), TrueNAS system support tier and support Contract expiration date, the active controller host name, CPU type and the number of CPU cores, the amount of physical memory, OS and TrueNAS CORE or SCALE release version, and the system uptime in days, weeks, months.


System Inventory Network Tab

The Network tab provides the interface name(s), type (physical or virtual), link state (up) and Mac address. It also shows the default routes and name servers addresses.


Click the CSV button to download the information to a CSV file.

System Inventory Storage Tab

The Storage tab lists the drives in the system. Information includes drive name, type, size, model and serial nuber, an the location in the system corresponding to the Enclosure or View Enclosure screens in the TrueNAS system.


Click the CSV button to download the information to a CSV file.