TrueNAS SCALETrueCommand Nightly Development Documentation
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User Guide

TrueCommand supports creating additional user accounts that can log in to the web interface and use some TrueCommand features. After getting started with TrueCommand, these non-administrator user accounts have limited access to configuring TrueCommand, but generally can interact with connected TrueNAS systems. Administrator accounts also have full access to these features.

This guide reviews screens that are generally available to both kinds of TrueCommand accounts and provides guidance for using these TrueCommand features.

To read about settings that are available to a TrueCommand administrator account, see the related Administrator Guide.

User Guide Contents

  • Dashboard: Overview and usage notes for the main TrueCommand Dashboard.

    • Fleet Dashboard: Overview and usage notes for the Fleet Dashboard Screen.

      • System Management: TrueCommand Dashboard overview and TrueNAS management options descriptions.

      • System Inventory: Overview and usage notes of the TrueCommand System Inventory screen.

        • Clusters (deprecated): Option descriptions in the TrueCommand Clusters menu.

          • Reports: Overview and tutorials for the TrueNAS system statistics collation and presentation feature in TrueCommand.

          • Alerts: Guides to configure the TrueCommand Alert system.

            • Managing Alerts: Provides information on the alert screens and functions in TrueCommand. It also provides instructions on managing alerts, alert rules, and setting up alert services.

            • Changing Alert Colors: Provides basic information on customizing themes and alert colors.

          • Replication: Describes the Replication screen and replication management feature for creating and viewing replication tasks in TrueCommand for TrueNAS systems.