TrueNAS SCALETrueCommand Version Documentation
This content follows TrueCommand 2.3 releases. Use the Product and Version selectors above to view content specific to TrueNAS software or major versions.


TrueCommand includes an easy to use interface for administrative configurations.
Access to some of these areas may require a TrueCommand administrator account.

  • NAS Fleet Administration
    • NAS Configuration
    • Creating NAS groups
    • Alerts for NAS systems
    • Reports of various metrics
  • TrueCommand Instance Administration
    • TrueCommand Configuration Options
    • TrueCommand system Audit Logs
    • User and Team Management
    • UI Theme settings
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Configuration and Administration Articles

  • Systems: Provides information on the System screens, settings, and options.

    • Users: Provides information on the User screens and settings and tutorials on how to create or manage user accounts.

      • Administration: Section with guides to configure and administer TrueCommand.

        • SAML Tutorials: Provides SAML tutorials for TrueCommand SAML configurations.

        • LDAP Servers: Describes how to configure LDAP servers for TrueCommand.

      • System Log: Provides information on system logs.