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VMWare Snapshots Screen

Use the VMware Snapshot Integration option on the Data Protection > Periodic Snapshot Tasks widget to create snapshots when you are using TrueNAS SCALE as a VMWare datastore. See Creating VMWare Snapshots for a detailed tutorial.

VMware Snapshot Integration opens the VMWare Snapshots screen.

VMware Snapshot Integration
Figure 1: VMware Snapshot Integration

Add opens the Add VMware Snapshot screen.

Add VMware Snapshot Screen
Figure 2: Add VMware Snapshot Screen
HostnameEnter the IP address or host name of the VMWare host. When clustering, enter the vCenter server for the cluster.
UsernameEnter the user on the VMWare host with permission to snapshot virtual machines.
PasswordEnter the password associated with the user entered in Username.
DatastoreSelect a VMFS datastore to synchronize with the host from the dropdown list of options. Click Fetch DataStores to populate this list with options from the VMWare host. You must click Fetch Datastores before you click in this field or the creation process fails. Selecting a datastore also selects any mapped datasets.
ZFS FilesystemSelect a TrueNAS ZFS dataset from the dropdown list of options. This field does not populate until you click Fetch Datastores. You must click Fetch Datastores before clicking in this field or the creation process fails.

Click Fetch DataStores to connect TrueNAS SCALE to the VMWare host. This synchronizes TrueNAS SCALE with the VMWare host and populates the ZFS Filesystem and Datastore dropdown lists with the information from TrueNAS and the VMWare host response.

Configured snapshots show on the VMware Snapshots screen.

VMWare Snapshot Configured
Figure 3: VMWare Snapshot Configured