TrueNAS SCALETrueNAS SCALE Nightly Development Documentation
This content follows experimental early release software. Use the Product and Version selectors above to view content specific to a stable software release.

Updating SCALE

TrueNAS has several software branches (linear update paths) known as trains. If SCALE is in a prerelease train it can have various preview/early build releases of the software.

The Update Screen only displays the current train. When looking to upgrade SCALE to a new major version, make sure to upgrade SCALE along the path of major versions until the system is on the desired major version release. For more information on other available trains and the upgrade path from one version to the next, see Software Releases.

See the Software Status page for the latest recommendations for software usage. Do not change to a prerelease or nightly release unless the system is intended to permanently remain on early versions and is not storing any critical data.

If you are using a non-production train, be prepared to experience bugs or other problems. Testers are encouraged to submit bug reports and debug files. For information on how to file an issue ticket see Filing an Issue Ticket in SCALE.

The TrueNAS SCALE Update screen provides users with two different methods to update the system, automatic or manual.

We recommend updating SCALE when the system is idle (no clients connected, no disk activity, etc.). The system restarts after an upgrade. Update during scheduled maintenance times to avoid disrupting user activities.

All auxiliary parameters are subject to change between major versions of TrueNAS due to security and development issues. We recommend removing all auxiliary parameters from TrueNAS configurations before upgrading.
System Update Upgrade Available
Figure 1: System Update Upgrade Available

Performing an Automatic Update

If an update is available, click Apply Pending Update to install it.

The Save configuration settings from this machine before updating? window opens.

Save Configuration Settings
Figure 2: Save Configuration Settings

Click Export Password Secret Seed then click Save Configuration. The Apply Pending Updates window opens.

Apply Pending Updates
Figure 3: Apply Pending Updates

Click Confirm, then Continue to start the automatic installation process. TrueNAS SCALE downloads the configuration file and the update file, then starts the install.

After updating, clear the browser cache (CTRL+F5) before logging in to SCALE. This ensures stale data doesn’t interfere with loading the SCALE UI.

Performing a Manual Update

If the system detects an available update, to do a manual update click Download Updates and wait for the file to download to your system.

SCALE Manual update files are available from the TrueNAS SCALE Download page website.

Click Install Manual Update File. The Save configuration settings from this machine before updating? window opens. Click Export Password Secret Seed then click Save Configuration. The Manual Update screen opens.

Click Choose File to locate the update file on the system. Select a temporary location to store the update file. Select Memory Device or select one of the mount locations on the dropdown list to keep a copy in the server.

Click Apply Update to start the update process. A status window opens and displays the installation progress. When complete, a Restart window opens.

Click Confirm, then Continue to restart the system.

Update Progress

When a system update starts, appears in the toolbar at the top of the UI. Click the icon to see the current status of the update and which TrueNAS administrative account initiated the update.

Update Status
Figure 6: Update Status Example