TrueNAS SCALETrueNAS SCALE Nightly Development Documentation
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Managing SEDs

Advanced settings have reasonable defaults in place. A warning message displays for some settings advising of the dangers of making changes. Changing advanced settings can be dangerous when done incorrectly. Use caution before saving changes.

Make sure you are comfortable with ZFS, Linux, and system configuration, backup, and restoration before making any changes.

The Self-Encrypting Drive(s) widget on the System > Advanced screen allows you set the user and global SED password in SCALE.

Managing Self-Encrypting Drives

The Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) widget displays the ATA security user and password configured on the system.


Click Configure to open the Self-Encrypting Drive configuration screen. The Self-Encrypting Drive configuration screen allows users set the ATA security user and create a SED global password.


Select the user passed to camcontrol security -u to unlock SEDs from the ATA Security User dropdown list. Options are USER or MASTER.

Enter the global password to unlock SEDs in SED Password and in Confirm SED Password.

Click Save.