The SCALE Storage section has controls for pool, snapshot, and disk management. The storage section also has options for datasets, zvols, and permissions.

For guidance on clustering storage across multiple SCALE systems, see Clustering and Sharing SCALE Volumes with TrueCommand.

Storage Overview


The Import Pool button lets users reconnect pools exported/disconnected from the current system or created on another system. This also reconnects pools after users reinstall or upgrade the TrueNAS system.

The Disks button lets users manage, wipe, and import storage disks that TrueNAS will use for ZFS data storage.

The Create Pool button creates ZFS data storage “pools” from physical disks to efficiently store and protect data.

The Storage screen displays all the pools that users have created on the system. Statistics and status are shown for each pool, along with buttons to manage the different elements of the pool.

The articles in this section offer specific guidance for the different storage management options.

Storage Articles

  • Import Pool: Provides information on ZFS importing for storage pools in TrueNAS SCALE. It also addresses GELI-encrypted pools.

    • Disks: Articles with instructions for managing, replacing, and wiping disks.

      • Replacing Disks: Provides disk replacement instructions that includes taking a failed disk offline and replacing a disk in an existing VDEV. It automatically triggers a pool resilver during the replacement process.

      • Wiping a Disk: Provides instructions for wiping a disk.

      • SLOG Over-Provision: Provides information on the disk_resize command in TrueNAS SCALE.

      • Managing Self-Encrypting Drives (SED): Covers self-encrypting drives including supported specifications, implementing and managing SEDs in TrueNAS, and managing SED passwords and data.

    • Create Pool: Background considerations and a simple tutorial on creating storage pools in TrueNAS SCALE.

      • Fusion Pools: Provides information on setting up and using fusion pools.

        • Managing Pools: Provides instructions on managing storage pools, VDEVS and disks in TrueNAS SCALE.