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Increasing iSCSI Available Storage

Expanding LUNs

TrueNAS lets users expand Zvol and file-based LUNs to increase the available storage in an iSCSI share.

Zvol LUNs

To expand a Zvol LUN, go to Datasets and click the Zvol LUN name. The Zvol Details widget displays. Click the Edit button.

Edit Zvol LUN
Figure 1: Edit Zvol LUN

Enter a new size in Size for this zvol, then click Save.

Change the Zvol Size
Figure 2: Change the Zvol Size
TrueNAS prevents data loss by not allowing users to reduce the Zvol size. TrueNAS also does not allow users to increase the Zvol size past 80% of the pool size.

File LUNs

Go to Shares and click Configure in the Block (iSCSI) Shares Targets screen, then select the Extents tab.

Extents Screen
Figure 3: Extents Screen

Click the next to the file-based LUN and select Edit.

Edit Extent
Figure 4: Edit Extent

Enter a new size in Filesize. Enter the new value as an integer that is one or more multiples of the logical block size (default 512) larger than the current file size. Click Save.