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Community Apps

Community applications are created and maintained by members of the TrueNAS community. Similarly, community members actively maintain application articles in this section. Click Edit Page in the top right corner to propose changes to this article.

The TrueNAS community creates and maintains numerous applications intended to expand system functionality far beyond what is typically expected from a NAS.

The TrueNAS catalog is loaded by default and is used to populate the Discover apps screen. To view the catalog settings, select the Manage Catalogs at the top of the Discover apps screen.

Applications are provided “as-is” and can introduce system stability or security issues when installed. Some applications deploy as the root user for initial configuration before operating as a non-root user. Make sure the application is required for your specific use requirements and does not violate your security policies before installation.

The remaining tutorials in this section are for specific applications that are commonly used or replace some functionality that was previously built-in with TrueNAS.

Section Contents

  • Syncthing Charts App: Provides general information, guidelines, installation instructions, and use scenarios for the community version of the Syncthing app.

  • Chia: Provides basic installation instructions for the Chia application using both the TrueNAS web UI and CLI commands.

  • Collabora: Provides basic configuration instructions for adding the Collabora app using the TrueNAS webUI.

  • DDNS-Updater: Provides basic configuration instructions for the DDNS-Updater application.

  • Immich: Provides installation instructions for the Immich application.

  • Jellyfin: Provides installation instructions for the Jellyfin application.

  • MinIO: Tutorials for using the MinIO community and Enterprise applications available for TrueNAS SCALE.

  • Netdata: Provides information on installing and configuring the Netdata app on TrueNAS SCALE.

  • Nextcloud: Provides instructions to configure TrueNAS SCALE and install Nextcloud to support hosting a wider variety of media file previews such as HEIC, Mp4 and MOV files.

  • Pi-Hole: Provides information on installing Pi-hole to support network-level advertisement and internet tracker blocking.

  • Prometheus: Provides installation instructions for the Prometheus application.

  • Rsync Daemon: Installation and basic usage instructions for the Rsync Daemon application.

  • Storj: Provides information on the steps to set up a Storj node on your TrueNAS SCALE system.

  • TFTP Server: Provides instructions for installing the TFTP Server application.

  • WebDAV: Instructions for installing and configuring the WebDAV app and sharing feature.

  • WG Easy: Provides installation instructions for the WG Easy application.