Device Namespace

The device namespace has two commands. It provides access to device information through the device commands.

Device Commands

The following device commands allow you to view properties for devices in your system.

You can enter commands from the main CLI prompt or from the device namespace prompt.

The SCALE CLI guide is a work in progress! New namespace and command documentation is continually added and maintained, so check back here often to see what is new!

Interactive Argument Editor (TUI)

Enter the -- flag following any CLI command to open the interactive arguments editor text-based user interface (TUI).

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The interactive argument editor is a text user interface (TUI) that can help enter complex commands with multiple configurable properties. It shows expected properties, defaults, input types (string, boolean, integer, or array), and can include command instructions or warnings.

Optional properties, indicated by the # symbol, are disabled by default. Required properties are enabled. Do not disable properties that are enabled by default.

To configure required properties, enter a space after the colon then add the value.

To enable optional properties, delete # from the corresponding line.

Some required properties are disabled if they are part of a pair of properties where one or the other is required. Select one property to enable and enter a value.

Press F2 or click Save to save the modified file.

Press F10, Esc, or click Quit to exit the TUI. The command automatically executes upon exit.

Get_Info Command

The get_info command returns details for a specified device type.

Viewing Device Details


The get_info command has one property, type. Enter the type property argument using = to separate property and value. Enter the command string then press Enter. The command returns a table of device details when successful.

Device Types
SERIALReturns information for system serial ports.
DISKReturns information for system storage disks.
GPUReturns information for system GPUs.


From the CLI prompt, enter:

system device get_info type=TYPE


  • TYPE is the device type you want details for.

Command Example
system device get_info type=SERIAL
| name  | location                    | drivername | description | start |
| ttyS1 | handle=\_SB_.PC00.LPC0.UAR2 | uart       | 16550A      | 0x2f8 |
| ttyS0 | handle=\_SB_.PC00.LPC0.UAR1 | uart       | 16550A      | 0x3f8 |

GPU_PCI_IDs_Choices Command

The gpu_pci_ids_choices retrieves choices for GPU PCI IDs in the system.

Retrieving GPU PCI ID Choices


The gpu_pci_ids_choices command has no required properties. Enter the commands then press Enter. The command returns a table of GPU PCI ID choices when successful.


From the CLI prompt, enter:

system device gpu_pci_ids_choices

Command Example
system device gpu_pci_ids_choices
| ASPEED Technology, Inc. ASPEED Graphics Family | 0000:03:00.0 |