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The TrueNAS CLI guide for SCALE is a work in progress! New namespace and command documentation is continually added and maintained, so check back here often to see what is new!

Welcome to the TrueNAS SCALE Command Line Interface (CLI) guide!

The TrueNAS CLI in TrueNAS SCALE functions like a text-based version of the web UI with many functional areas grouped into parent and child namespaces that mirror the counterparts in the SCALE UI.

The underlying structure of the CLI namespaces and commands closely follows that of the SCALE API. For more information on API commands, arguments, options, and definitions go to API Keys and click on API Docs in the SCALE UI.

Account Namespace

The account namespace contains two child namespaces. It provides access to user and group creation, configuration, and management.

Account Namespaces

The following articles provide information on account child authentication namespaces:

  • User: Introduces the TrueNAS CLI account user namespace that configures Users related settings found in the API and web UI.

    • Group: Introduces the TrueNAS CLI account group namespace that configures Groups related settings found in the API and web UI.