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Component Naming

TrueNAS SCALE incorporates all the major TrueNAS CORE storage and sharing features with a web interface based on Debian GNU/Linux. Because SCALE shares the same UI as the FreeBSD-based TrueNAS CORE, users might notice there are similarities. However, SCALE does incorporate some differences, primarily in component naming.


TrueNAS Core utilizes a numerical listing of drives in a system.


TrueNAS SCALE uses a lettered format for drive identification.


SCALE still labels NVMe drives with a numeric value.


TrueNAS CORE enumerates interface names using interface drivers, such as igb for Intel devices, followed by a number. TrueNAS CORE Enterprise systems use ix followed by a number.


TrueNAS SCALE enumerates interface names using PCI locations. By default, SCALE systems identify their network ports with eno or enp followed by a number.


TrueNAS CORE identifies bonded interfaces or link aggregations with lagg followed by a number (lagg1). TrueNAS SCALE uses bond followed by a number (bond1).

See the TrueNAS Systems section for lists of the default port names for each platform.