TrueNAS SCALETrueNAS SCALE Nightly Development Documentation
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Installation Instructions

This section provides instructions for users that are installing TrueNAS SCALE the first time on their own system hardware and for users that need to do a clean install of SCALE.

TrueNAS Enterprise

TrueNAS SCALE Enterprise customers should contact iXsystems Support for assistance with the initial set up and configuration of their systems.

Contacting iX Support

Customers who purchase iXsystems hardware or that want additional support must have a support contract to use iXsystems Support Services. The TrueNAS Community forums provides free support for users without an iXsystems Support contract.

iXsystems Customer Support
Support Portal
Telephone and Other Resources

The installation process covers installing SCALE using an iso.

TrueNAS SCALE uses DHCP to provide the initial system IP address. After that, either use the Console setup menu to reconfigure the primary network interface with a static IP address or use the SCALE UI to make network changes and complete the initial configuration.

Finally, it covers backing up your system configuration to a file and saving an initial system debug file.

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