Default Ports

TrueNAS provides a range of different storage services and uses TCP/IP for both data and management. All protocols can be securely encrypted and routed using VPN technologies. This approach is encouraged when using services directly over the Internet or WAN.

Inbound Ports

TCP ports and services that listen for external connections:

Inbound PortProtocolService NameDescription of ServiceEncryptedDefaults
80/443TCPHTTP/HTTPSWeb interface
WebSockets API
22TCPSSH/SFTPSecure Shell Secure FTP
ZFS Replication
Rsync over SSH
111/2049TCP/UDPNFS v3Network File ServiceNoClosed
137/138/139/445TCP/UDPSMBWindows File ServiceOptionalClosed
548TCPAFPApple File ServiceNoClosed
20/21TCPFTPFile Transfer ProtocolNoClosed
443TCPWebDAVHTTPS access to filesYesClosed
3260TCPiSCSIBlock storage over IPOptionalClosed
9000TCPS3 APIObject storage over IPYesClosed
837TCPRsyncRemote synchronizationOptionalClosed
Not definedUDPWireguardPoint-to-point encryptionYesClosed
161/162TCPSNMPSimple Network MonitoringOptionalClosed

Outbound Ports

Protocols that are outbound do not listen for or accept external connections. These protocols and ports are not a security risk and are usually allowed through firewalls. These protocols are considered primary and might need to be permitted through a firewall:

Outbound PortProtocolService NameDescription of ServiceEncryptedDefaults
80/443TCPHTTP/HTTPSSoftware updates and Pro-active supportOptionalOpen
25/465TCPSendmail/TLSSend emails for alertsNoOutgoing
123TCPNTPNetwork Time synchronizationYesOutgoing
514TCPSyslogLogging of alerts and changesNoOutgoing