The TrueNAS References section includes additional information on various topics helpful for a TrueNAS user.

  • Copyrights and Trademarks: Provides a list of copyrights and trademarks, and related logos registered as trademarks of iXsystems.

    • ACL Primer: Provides general information on POSIX and NFSv4 access control lists (ACLs) in TrueNAS systems and when to use them.

      • Concepts and Terminology: Provides a glossary of terms and definitions used in TrueNAS and general network attach storage (NAS) software.

        • Bits or Bytes?: Provides information on the computerized storage measurements, bits and bytes, and how these apply in TrueNAS products.

          • Controller or Node?: Defines nodes and controllers, and explains how these apply to TrueNAS storage arrays and clusters.

            • Default Ports: Provides lists of assigned inbound and outbound port numbers used in TrueNAS systems.

              • Understanding IPv6: Provides information general information on IPv6 and implementation guidance.

                • IPMI: Provides TrueNAS connecting modes for remote management (IPMI) features, and configuration and general use information for remote management.

                  • L2ARC: Provides information on L2ARC, caches drives, and persistent L2ARC implementations in TrueNAS CORE and SCALE.

                    • Performance:

                      This section contains performance testing results and other publications from the iXsystems Performance team. Interconnect Maximum Effective Data Rates: Tables of maximum effective data rates, in a single data flow direction, for various data interconnect protocols. SMB Directory List Times: Performance data tables when listing large files counts over SMB.

                    • SLOG Devices: Provides general information on ZFS intent logs (ZIL) and separate intent logs (SLOG), their uses cases and implementation in TrueNAS.

                      • Server Message Block (SMB): Provides general information on SMB protocol and shares, shadow copies and Time Machine implementation in TrueNAS.

                        • Thin Provisioning: Provides general information on thin provisioning and zvol creation, their uses cases and implementation in TrueNAS.

                          • ZFS Deduplication: Provides general information on ZFS deduplication in TrueNAS,hardware recommendations, and useful deduplication CLI commands.

                            • ZFS Primer: Background information about the Zettabyte File System (ZFS).

                              • ZFS dRAID Primer: Background and general information about the dRAID storage solution included in OpenZFS version 2.1.0.

                                • ZFS ZIL and SLOG: Provides clarification on ZFS, ZIL, and SLOG concepts.

                                  • ZFS Capacity Calculator: Calculator to determine usable ZFS capacity and other ZFS pool metrics, and to compare storage pool layouts.

                                    • ZFS Capacity Graph: Capacity graph to visualize and compare different RAID layouts.

                                      If you are searching for additional information on a topic and are unable to find it, you can try searching the TrueNAS Community Forum.