Visio Stencils

Use these TrueNAS stencils to diagram your TrueNAS hardware configuration. The stencils have anchor points for each hardware connection. They are also customizable, with drop-in functionality for expansion cards available from iXsystems.


You will need Microsoft Visio or another application that can open .vssx files. For the best experience, please use Microsoft Visio.

For recommendations about the specific versions of Visio to use, please see the Official Visio documentation. This includes Microsoft’s instructions for importing downloaded stencils.

Visio stores downloaded stencils in the My Shapes folder. Check your web browser’s download settings. Determine if your current settings allow you to specify a download folder location.

Work in Progress
This stencil pack is a work in progress. It currently includes the M, Minis, R and X Series systems, as well as TrueNAS ES Expansion Shelves. It also includes relevant expansion cards for some models. These stencils are being updated on a regular basis.

Listed below are the download options for the stencil packs. The first download contains the shapes for the above listed TrueNAS models. Individual stencil pack download options are also available. To download the stencils, hover over the reference image and click the button.

Full Stencil Pack

Stencil Pack Download by Model

Expansion Shelves (click to expand)
TrueNAS Minis (click to expand)
M-Series (click to expand)
R-Series (click to expand)
X-Series (click to expand)