TrueNAS CORETrueNAS CORE Nightly Development Documentation
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TrueNAS includes an easy-to-use interface for common tasks a sysadmin needs to preform on a NAS on a regular basis. These can roughly be broken down into three groups: system level, data backup, and ZFS tasks.

Tasks Contents

  • Cron Jobs: Describes the fields on the Cron Jobs screen on TrueNAS CORE.

    • Init/Shutdown Scripts: Explains the fields on the Init/Shutdown Script screen on TrueNAS CORE.

      • Rsync Tasks: Provides information about the Rsync Tasks screen on TrueNAS CORE.

        • S.M.A.R.T. Tests: Describes the fields on the S.M.A.R.T. Test screen on TrueNAS CORE.

          • Periodic Snapshot Tasks: Defines the fields in the Periodic Snapshot Tasks Screen on TrueNAS CORE.

            • Replication Tasks: Decribes the fields on the Replication Tasks screen for TrueNAS CORE.

              • Resilver Priority: Describes the Resilver Priority screen on TrueNAS CORE.

                • Scrub Tasks: Describes the fields on the Scrub Task screen on TrueNAS CORE.

                  • Cloud Sync Tasks: Describes the Cloud Sync Tasks screen on TrueNAS CORE.

                    • Advanced Scheduler: Describes the fields in the Advanced Scheduler in TrueNAS CORE.