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TrueNAS Enterprise
KMIP is only available for TrueNAS Enterprise licensed systems. Contact the iXsystems Sales Team to inquire about purchasing TrueNAS Enterprise licenses.

KMIP on TrueNAS Enterprise is used to integrate the system within an existing centralized key management infrastructure and use a single trusted source for creating, using, and destroying SED passwords and ZFS encryption keys.


KMIP Server

ServerHost name or IP address of the central key server.
PortConnection port number on the central key server.
CertificateCertificate to use for key server authentication. A valid certificate is required to verify the key server connection. WARNING: for security reasons, please protect the Certificate used for key server authentication.
Certificate AuthorityCertificate Authority (CA) to use for connecting to the key server. A valid CA public certificate is required to authenticate the connection. WARNING: for security reasons, please protect the Certificate Authority used for key server authentication.
Manage SED PasswordsSelf-Encrypting Drive (SED) passwords can be managed with KMIP. Enabling this option allows the key server to manage creating or updating the global SED password, creating or updating individual SED passwords, and retrieving SED passwords when SEDs are unlocked. Disabling this option leaves SED password management with the local system.
Manage ZFS KeysUse the KMIP server to manage ZFS encrypted dataset keys. The key server stores, applies, and destroys encryption keys whenever an encrypted dataset is created, when an existing key is modified, an encrypted dataset is unlocked, or an encrypted dataset is removed. Unsetting this option leaves all encryption key management with the local system.
EnabledActivate KMIP configuration and begin syncing keys with the KMIP server.
Change ServerMove existing keys from the current key server to a new key server. To switch to a different key server, key synchronization must be Enabled, then enable this setting, update the key server connection configuration, and click SAVE.
Validate ConnectionTests the server connection and verifies the chosen Certificate chain. To test, configure the Server and Port values, select a Certificate and Certificate Authority, enable this setting, and click SAVE.
Force ClearCancel any pending Key synchronization.