TrueNAS CORETrueNAS CORE Nightly Development Documentation
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IPMI Screen

Use the Network > IPMI screen to configure the TrueNAS for an IPMI connection. The IPMI configuration screen provides a shortcut to the most basic IPMI configuration.


TrueNAS ControllerSelect a TrueNAS controller from the dropdown list. All IPMI changes are applied to that TrueNAS controller.
ChannelSelect the communications channel to use from the dropdown list. Available channel numbers vary by hardware.
PasswordEnter a password for connecting to the IPMI interface from a web browser. The password must include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one digit, and one special character (punctuation, e.g. ! # $ %, etc.). It must also be 8-16 characters long.
DHCPSelect to use DHCP to set the IPv4 Address, IPv4 Netmask, and Ipv4 Default Gateway. If checkbox is clear you must manually enter these settings.
IPv4 AddressEnter the static IP address of the IPMI web interface. This is the address TrueNAS connects to when you click the MANAGE button.
IPv4 NetmaskEnter the subnet mask associated with the IP address.
IPv4 Default GatewayEnter the default gateway of the IPv4 connection. This is associated with the IP address.
VLAN IDEnter the VLAN identifier if the IPMI out-of-band management interface is not on the same VLAN as management networking.
IDENTIFY LIGHTDisplays a dialog to activate an IPMI identify light on the compatible connected hardware.
MANAGEConnects the TrueNAS to the IPMI web interface login screen.

Use SAVE to save the IPMI settings.

See IPMI for more information.