TrueNAS CORETrueNAS CORE Nightly Development Documentation
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The web interface dashboard provides system details and shortcuts to various configuration screens.


Dashboard Cards

System InformationShows simple system-level information about TrueNAS, including hardware name (with compatible systems), TrueNAS version, system hostname, and system uptime. Includes a button to update the installed version of TrueNAS.
CPUShows current CPU utilization and heat (with compatible hardware). Includes a shortcut icon to the in-depth CPU reporting screen.
MemoryShows total memory available to the system and the current breakdown of memory usage. Includes a shortcut icon to the in-depth memory utilization screen.
PoolShows details about a configured storage pool. One card is created for each storage pool on the system. Includes shortcut icons to the pool configuration and statistics screens.
InterfaceShows details about system network interfaces, including current status and configuration details. Includes shortcut icons to the interface configuration and statistics screens.
TrueNAS HelpContains links to verious documentation and assistance portals.