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Feature Deprecations

As part of security hardening and improving feature maintainability, there are occasions when TrueNAS features must be deprecated. Features noted in this article are either no longer receiving any maintenance or, typically due to security vulnerabilities, might be scheduled for removal from TrueNAS in a future major version.

Begin planning migrations from these features immediately and note the TrueNAS upgrade paths required when a deprecated feature is in use.

S3 Service

Due to security vulnerabilities and maintainability issues, the S3 service is deprecated in TrueNAS CORE 13.0 and removed in CORE 13.3. Beginning in CORE 13.0-U6, the CORE web interface generates an alert when the deprecated service is either actively running or is enabled to start on boot.

TrueNAS Enterprise
Beginning in CORE 13.0-U6, Enterprise customers with the S3 service running or enabled are prevented from upgrading to the next major version.

Users should plan to migrate to a separately maintained MinIO plugin or otherwise move any production data away from the S3 service storage location. Migrating from the built-in S3 service to the plugin could result in an extended data migration window and potential disruption to S3 data access.

See the CORE 13.0 MinIO Plugin tutorial for detailed migration instructions.

SAS Multipath

SAS Multipath is supported as-is and receives no further maintenance updates. While multipath situations might be detected and be generally functional in TrueNAS CORE, there is a possibility this is not available in a future TrueNAS CORE major version. Users should avoid creating and managing SAS multipath scenarios with TrueNAS.


The Plugins, Jails, and Virtual Machines features are untested and provided without support to the TrueNAS Community. Users with a critical need to use containers or virtualization solutions in production should migrate to the tested and supported virtualization features available in TrueNAS SCALE. TrueNAS Enterprise customers can contact iXsystems to schedule a TrueNAS SCALE deployment. See CORE to SCALE Migrations for more information.

Web Shell

The web UI Shell is removed in CORE 13.3. Users can continue to access the shell using SSH or a physical system connection with serial cable or other direct method.