Changing the Default Shell

The default shell for an account is the environment that user accesses in a local or SSH session. The default shell for a new installation is zsh.

You can change the default shell in Accounts > Users.

  1. Click for the root user and click Edit.


  2. Choose the desired shell from the Shell dropdown list and click SAVE. Shell options are:

    cshC shell for UNIX system interactions.
    shBourne shell
    tcshEnhanced C shell that includes editing and name completion.
    bashBourne Again shell for the GNU operating system.
    ksh93Korn shell that incorporates features from both csh and sh.
    mkshMirBSD Korn Shell
    rbashRestricted bash
    rzshRestricted zsh
    scponlyscponly restricts the user’s SSH usage to only the scp and sftp commands.
    zshZ shell
    git-shellrestricted git shell
    nologinUse when creating a system account or to create a user account that can authenticate with shares but which cannot log in to the TrueNAS system using ssh.