TrueNAS CORETrueNAS CORE Nightly Development Documentation
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CORE API Reference

TrueNAS CORE API documentation is available from the web interface by clicking  > API Keys > DOCS.


Alternately, append /api/docs/ to your TrueNAS hostname or IP address in a browser to go directly to the API documentation.

For convenience, static builds of the current 2.0 API documentation stored on the Docs Hub:

CORE Documentation Sections

Each major section of TrueNAS CORE/Enterprise documentation is organized as a standalone book:

  • The Getting Started Guide provides the first steps for your experience with TrueNAS CORE/Enterprise:

    • Recommendations and considerations when selecting hardware for CORE.
    • Software Licensing information.
    • Installation tutorials.
    • First-time software configuration instructions.
  • Configuration Tutorials have many community and iXsystems -provided procedural how-tos for specific software use-cases.

  • The UI Reference Guide describes each section of the CORE web interface, including descriptions for each configuration option.

  • API Reference describes how to access the API documentation on a live system and includes a static copy of the API documentation.

  • CORE Security Reports links to the TrueNAS Security Hub and also contains any additional security-related notices.