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Submitting Prerelease User Feedback

TrueNAS SCALE welcomes community feedback!

To encourage general user experience reporting, prerelease versions of TrueNAS SCALE include the How would you rate this page? FeedbackIcon icon. Some screens undergoing revision also include a NEW badge and Leave Feedback link in the header.

NEW Badge and Leave Feedback Link
Figure 1: NEW Badge and Leave Feedback Link

Click either the FeedbackIcon icon or Leave Feedback link to open a feedback window that allows you to rate the web UI screen and leave comments.

The How would you rate this page? FeedbackIcon icon opens a feedback window.

Use this window to submit a star rating and comments or suggestions for the current page.

The feedback window allows users to submit their general user-experience feedback. Submit bug tickets through the File Ticket link that opens the File Ticket form, also accessed from the System Settings > General screen File Ticket button. See Filing an Issue Ticket in SCALE for further instructions.

The Take screenshot of the current page toggle is on by default. When on, TrueNAS SCALE automatically creates and attaches a screenshot. Turn off the toggle to submit feedback without an image. When off, the window displays Attach image (optional) as an alternative. Click Choose File to attach an existing screenshot.